Meet A Volunteer

Meet Another of Our Volunteers: Madeline Fedor has served here for four years. She chose to volunteer here because she was feeling lonely and depressed. Madeline wanted to help other moms know they are not alone. She has many IMPACT … Continued


Grace, truth, compassion, love. We offer these to every woman who visits our center. Grace and truth to understand the reality of the life they carry, compassion and love to know they’ll be supported every step of their journey. Thank … Continued

Strong Women

Will you please pray with us for the women we see every day and ask God to give them the courage and hope to choose life? These women are strong, and with the right resources and encouragement, they will be … Continued

Meet a Volunteer

Meet another of our volunteers: Kathy Hoffman has served here for almost six years. She attended a Creation Festival and a speaker motivated her to find a ministry outside of her church. We are so grateful to have her here … Continued

Not Alone

When women know they are surrounded by people who care and who will help them, they’re empowered to choose life. Thank you for your generous donations that make our life-saving efforts possible!  

Gives Options

Did you know that 64% of women who have abortions do so because someone is pressuring them? And nearly 80% say they don’t feel they have other options? When women lack financial resources or relational support, abortion starts to feel … Continued

Meet a Volunteer

Meet One of Our Volunteers: Becky Kearney has been serving the Life Center for 12 years. She is known as the Diaper Diva. Becky also serves on the Board of Directors. This is a family affair as several of her … Continued

Changing Lives

The women that we are able to serve on a daily basis are often broken, confused, and full of fear. But because of YOU, we are able to support their needs and offer hope, light, and life. Your support changes … Continued

Every Life

Every life is fearfully and wonderfully made!