Beautiful Moments

At The Life Center, we’re able to help women see beyond the uncertainty of their current fears and into a brighter future. Life won’t ever be perfect, but the messy moments contribute to the overall beauty of our lives.


An unplanned pregnancy can be stressful, overwhelming, and anxiety-inducing. At The Life Center, we offer a free and confidential place for women to fully explore all of their options so they can make a decision based in truth and empowerment … Continued

Finances, relational stress, and pressure from family can all cause women to feel like they don’t have a choice when it comes to their unplanned pregnancy. But, when they have a safe place to process their fears and see their … Continued

Choose HOPE

An unplanned pregnancy can feel like the end of her story, but it’s not! At The Life Center, we exist to help women explore all their options so they can choose a hopeful future full of life and joy.

Only Free to Choose

Many women “choose” abortion because of pressure from boyfriends, parents, or other people in their life. It’s not their first choice, but what they feel pressure to do. No woman should be forced to get an abortion she doesn’t want. … Continued

What a great idea! ““I spoke in a lot of churches in the last year, but was discouraged that not enough of them felt driven and inspired to create a pro-life ministry and starting changing minds and saving lives! So … Continued

Help See Past Fear

A significant part of what we do every day is help women see past their current fears into a joy-filled future. Thank you for your partnership that makes this work possible!

God Is With Us

We know God is with us, providing the strength, grace, and courage to face each new day. And He allows us to show the same love and grace for the women we serve. What a privilege! 181 People Reached 9 … Continued

Unexpected Events

2020 has held many unexpected events for us all. We’re so grateful for your kind and generous support that has allowed us to continue serving women and families in our community!