Do you think you are pregnant?

Questions are most likely whirling through your mind at this point! You may feel alone and scared. You may be having difficulty eating, sleeping, and concentrating. You may be confused and not want to think about it.

At the Life Center ~ YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Talking through things with a Life Coach will help you to consider your options in a loving, caring, guilt free environment. The Life Center Team is here to listen to your story and to equip you to make an informed better choice.

We are ready to meet with you and offer free and confidential support on this journey. This is the first step to face your situation and be empowered to plan what is best for you and your baby.

Your Story Matters : Caring and understanding team members are ready to listen to your story and learn how to best equip and empower you on this new life journey.

Your Life Matters: Explore the changes you will experience throughout your pregnancy and your new life ahead.

Your Baby’s Life Matters: Explore and understand your growing infant/toddler for better health and life experience.

Your Next Steps Matter: We can also assist and empower you in planning your next steps for your important role as a parent and in providing quality care for your newborn, infant and toddler.

When was the last time someone held your hand to cry and celebrate with you? Call us today to schedule an appointment: 814.432.2229 or the National Hotline #: 1.800.712.4357  ~ Supporting Life and Inspiring A Better Choice!