The Life Center is ready to walk with you on this journey providing compassionate, pregnancy care and support to anyone making pregnancy decisions. Our confidential services are offered FREE of charge. We do not benefit financially from your pregnancy decision so our focus is on helping you.

The Life Center Team is waiting to meet with you and offer free and confidential support on this journey. This is the first step to empowering you to face your circumstances and to plan what is best for you and your baby.

Pregnancy Testing

Think you might be pregnant? Had a positive result from a home test? We recommend you contact us for a no cost, confidential pregnancy test with immediate results. If you have had unprotected sex or are experiencing pregnancy symptoms please call the Life Center: 814.432.2229

A positive home pregnancy test is an indication of pregnancy, but does not confirm a pregnancy. Whatever your situation, your next step should be scheduling an appointment with a local OBGYN to confirm your pregnancy is viable. Once you receive confirmation of your pregnancy, call us and we will sit down with you.

Client Support / Coaching

Becoming a parent is an amazing experience. It can bring great joy and satisfaction as well as new challenges to deal with. You will have lots of questions if you are considering this option.

That is why we designed our programs to educate, equip and empower you in a safe and confidential environment. Our classes are available to single, married and co-parenting individuals.

Your involvement in our Earn While You Learn classes allows you to earn Baby Bucks that can be used to purchase baby clothing, supplies, diapers, formula and baby furniture.

Learn how to make positive choices and engage in a healthy family life by developing your parenting skills, understanding your parenting style, strengthening your relationships and managing your lifestyle.

The lessons are fun, practical and filled with interesting information to help you on your parenting journey. Best of all ~ each class is designed specifically for YOU!

Family Night

Empowering families to engage in healthy relationships for life! Monthly Family Nights are provided to gather families together for free: meals, child care, prizes, activities and life empowering skills to help you engage in healthy parenting!

Life Coaching for Men: Your girlfriend is pregnant—what should you do?

Maybe you thought this would never happen to you. Maybe you wonder if it’s really your baby. Maybe panic is all you feel. Many men have the same feelings as you when experiencing a surprise pregnancy. Worry can set into your thoughts about how this will affect your future. Choosing Life and having a baby does not mean the end of your dreams or goals. Whatever your situation, you are not alone. The Life Center Team is here for you.

Many people say that abortion is “a women’s choice”, but the woman in an unexpected pregnancy rarely wants to make that choice alone. She needs your help. She is looking for you to stand beside her and face this together. Many women who have had abortions report that they were waiting for their boyfriend or husband to “rush through the door to rescue me and take me somewhere safe”. When women hear men say “It is up to you and I will support you no matter what”, they think the man wants them to abort the child. Maybe you are being encouraged to have her get an abortion. Some men are surprised that women can choose abortion without the permission of the baby’s father. The decision to choose life or to abort the child is heavy on your girlfriend’s heart. She is waiting for you to assure her that you will stand beside her. The Life Center Team is here to empower you and her to discover A Better Choice!

Man Cave for the Dad Life

The Life Center Coaching Team is prepared to educate, equip and empower you to engage in being the best Dad that you can be. We offer training in a variety of life skills such as basic handy man trades, family leadership, educational support, budgeting and finances, and more.

Life Coaching for Women

The Life Center Coaching Team is committed to educate, equip and empower you to engage in being the best mom that you can be. We offer training in a variety of life empowering support such as: caring for your body during and after pregnancy, emotional health, character development, spiritual care and family enrichment.

Adoption Referrals as requested

Considering an adoption plan is both a challenging and selfless choice. Your thoughts, feelings, and questions can feel a bit overwhelming. Take a minute and consider the following:

If you:

  • Are not ready to parent
  • Want to provide your child with a two parent family
  • Are concerned about the financial and emotional stability for your child
  • Want to complete your education (high school or college)
  • Are concerned about advancing in your job as you juggle single or co parenting

Adoption just may be a good choice for you to consider. Adoption gives you lots of choices such as choosing a family as well as how involved you want to be. Our trained staff can answer many of your questions as well as provide facts about adoption in Pennsylvania. We can also connect you to agencies that can help. Whatever reason you may have for considering adoption, we are glad to sit down with you and talk about how adoption can meet your current and future Goals. Call the Life Center today to learn more. 814.432.2229 or Bethany Christian Services at 1-800-BETHANY,

Post Abortion / Miscarriage / Postpartum Support

The Life Center Team is committed to our clients both during and after a pregnancy decision. We understand that few women (or men) can walk away from an abortion decision without suffering some emotional harm. Some women may struggle with depression, sadness, grief, fatigue and perhaps even self harming behaviors after an abortion decision. We offer abortion recovery support for women who have experienced abortion at some point on their life journey. Abortion recovery support is offered free of charge in a one on one setting.

We are also committed to offer miscarriage support in the loss of a child. A loss is a loss. Some women may struggle with depression, sadness, fatigue and other symptoms that alter your ability to cope. This support is offered free of charge in a one on one setting.

Postpartum Depression is very real. If you feel depression, anxiety or just need to talk with someone following the birth of your child, the Life Center Team is here to listen and help you on this journey. You are not alone.

Sexual Risk Avoidance

The Life Center promotes a holistic, Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) approach that strongly promotes delaying sex as the best and healthiest choice. The Life Center Coaching Team is available to educate and equip students on goal-setting, healthy relationships, refusal skills, character building and the benefits and limitations of contraception in the context of promoting sexual delay as the healthiest choice.

The Life Center utilizes the resource of Choosing the Best curriculum to empower students in the local schools to engage in A Better Choice for goal-setting in healthy relationships. Choosing the Best states: “According to the Child Disease Control, the most reliable way to avoid the risk of an STD is to be abstinent until you enter into a long-term, mutually monogamous relationship with an uninfected partner. Since this type of relationship is typically found in marriage, Choosing the Best promotes the healthiest choice—delaying sex until marriage.”

What is choosing the Best?